Over our 7 day trip to Bali, we spent one full day doing all sorts of water activities at Nusa Dua including parasailing, jet skiing, water tubing etc. Part of our package deal included a visit to Turtle island.

We arrived at the island via a glass bottom boat. It was a nice boat ride because of great company and the wind blowing in your face but the water was murky so there wasn’t too much to see except seaweeds and cloudy water. The boat stopped slightly away from shore so we had to trek our way to land almost knee deep in water. Be careful if you are wearing thongs as it is hard to walk in it in water. It either threatens to rip apart or float away. My suggestion is to take them off. I did that and walked barefoot to shore which hurt a little as there were many shells and rocks underwater but it made the walk much quicker.

We arrived at the turtle farm and were told to give some donation which wasn’t much. From memory it was about USD1/2. For that price and the price of the boat ride, we saw gorgeous turtles, even baby ones, and were able to get up close and personal to hold them and take photos with them. There were other animals pictured below that we also photographed with. We also took photos with the snakes and its tail was going places I didn’t want it to go so I freaked out a little. Overall I have to say the turtles were definitely the best and most memorable part of the visit.

However, I wouldn’t 100% agree with how the animals are kept and treated. Yes it allows us to interact with the animals but it is sad how the turtles and animals are confined to such a small space that does not mimic their natural habitat whatsoever.

I would say head to Turtle Island if you have the time, don’t mind the shortfalls of not being able to see much during the glass bottom boat ride and want photos with these adorable animals for a cheap price. And I would also say don’t head there if you don’t want to support the way they confine the animals and if there are better places to visit that do essentially the same things.

I had no idea what to expect signing up for the visit to Turtle Island so I didn’t exactly have an expectation to meet or exceed but I would say it was a great experience because of great company and being able interact with the animals.



    1. They are very fun! I haven’t heard any horror stories about the water activities in Bali so I believe sufficient attention, but probably not as much to other countries I have visited. Hope that helped 🙂 – Faye

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