Getting swept off my feet (literally) and ending up high in the sky in a blink of an eye is an adrenaline rushing, stomach dropping, exciting yet terrifying moment. I loved it. Seconds later, I was soaring through the air with the wind blowing in my face and it was the most relaxing and calming feeling. A bit of a workout, which I’ll explain later.

So my first parasailing experience happened in Nusa Dua, a well known area for water sports in the southern part of Bali, Indonesia. We made a day trip out of it and went water tubing, jet skiing, parasailing and also paid a visit to Turtle Island via a glass bottom boat.

I was given gloves and parasailing gear to put on which was extremely loose on me. Regardless, I put it on and waited my turn. As I was making final adjustments to the straps, I saw a woman and her son land from their parasailing trip just to faceplant into the seaside. Ouch! My guess, they didn’t understand the instructions and didn’t pull hard enough on the parachute in order to land where they were suppose to. They were fine in the end, just sandier and wetter than before they left for the trip.

As they were setting up and untangling the parachute, I was briefed on the take off and landing. They told me to run when I’m told along the beach with the pulling force of the boat which would then allow me to have the momentum to take off. As they were strapping me on to the parachute, they moved my hands to a part of the parachute each and told me “pull right when you see red flag, pull left when you see blue flag, don’t pull when flags crossed”. Immediately after, the heard the engine of the boat roaring and the guys screaming over the noise to me “run run run”. In my head I was just trying to remember red right, left blue, red right, left blue, so I don’t end up with the same fate as the mom and kid. I wouldn’t be too thrilled about wet sand in my hair and face.

I was told I shot up into the sky really quick because I’m ‘tiny’. And unfortunately because of that too, I had to hold myself up the whole time I was in the sky. Why? The strap I was suppose to sit down on was too far below me and if I had sat down, I would lose grip on the straps I’m suppose to pull on to land safely. Comfort or safety? Hence the workout. It was pretty much an ongoing pull up that lasted minutes, what felt like hours.

So I was just enjoying the view, holding myself up the whole time, working out my biceps, lats and back muscles. Amazing scenery and a workout? I guess it was money well spent.

As I was approaching where I took off I saw the red flag which meant pull right, which would move me toward the sandy beach. So I put all my weight into pulling the right strap and a moment later, the flags crossed and I was able to give my right arm a rest. Miraculously, my landing was so slow and peaceful the guy with the bun in his hair (pictured below) caught me in his arms as I floated toward the ground.

I had such an amazing time and I’m glad it is as memorable as it is. I don’t think many could say that they landed from parasailing into a guys arms.

I’ve heard and seen parasailing take off and land on boats so I’m curious as to how different the experience might feel and whether there is any difference at all. Leave me a comment if you do know! Maybe I will parasail from a boat one day and try it out for myself.

Overall, I think safety measures could be improved but I had no problem with the way it was. Maybe some new gear so I could 100% relax and enjoy the view but other than that, would definitely do it again.



  1. Parasailing looks interesting and fun, but I am afraid of heights and I doubt that I would ever do it. I am also on the tiny side and would not want to have an unexpected workout 🙂 Seems like you had great fun.


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