So, we drove one hour just to catch the sunset and actually missed seeing the actual sun setting. Disappointed? Not even close. These photos were taken after I ran to the edge of the rocks to catch what remained of the sunlight. Who knew, the after sunset moment was just as, if not better than to have caught the sun in the photos.

The sun was shooting rays from behind the horizon and it looked absolutely breathtaking. There was a couple there for wedding photos and a little boat that came back to shore which brought with it its catch of the evening.

We bought fresh shrimp, crab and fish caught on the tiny little boat pictured and took it to a local nearby restaurant which cooked it for us at a great price. They weren’t huge shrimps or crabs but definitely freshly caught. If we hadn’t been there to buy the seafood, the villagers would have gone home and cooked a great meal for themselves. Either way, it was an hour drive well spent and a fresh seafood meal well cooked.

For future or current visitors to Penang who enjoy sunset photography, this is a great place to do it. It is a secluded, quiet spot in a very natural environment so take care of this gem. Photos were taken between 7.20 pm and 7.40 pm.

Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did running and climbing over uneven rocks to photograph them!



  1. I love these photographs. Well done. It must be wonderful to be there and experience the beautiful sunset ending over the water. A fresh seafood dinner is the perfect ending. Glad you could enjoy this time!

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  2. I just discovered this recently as well, sometimes is worth sticking around AFTER the sunset and the light tends to be all kinds of beautiful! Great photos!

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