After a nice morning of fresh cherry feasting at a cherry farm in Mornington Peninsula, we had a late lunch at The Milbri in Rosebud, a suburb just by the beach in Melbourne.

We ordered 5 dishes in total.

  1. Sumac coated beer battered steak fries with house mayonnaise
  2. Sumac calamari, rum & lime zest aioli
  3. Pescado –Β Barramundi fillet, celeriac puree, seasonal summer salad with a herb and lemon dressing
  4. Pollo Tacos –Β Marinated chicken, salsa, chilli mint yoghurt dressing
  5. And roast potatoes, chorizos, Moreton Bay bugs in a curry/broth. I tried to look this dish up on the menu but I believe it has been changed since I visited. I just love the presentation of this dish and pop of colours that have been combined.

These dishes tasted superb and I would definitely recommend this restaurant for anyone deciding to visit the area.



      1. I think when I visit that side of the world it will be on a boat and I will stay for like a year! LOL I am AMUSED when people fly down to Australia for a quick week then pop back! The plane ride alone is a killer! Isn’t it like a 14 hour flight?

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      2. Boat’s a great idea since we’re surrounded by the ocean. There are so many things to see in the different states so one week definitely won’t do! Especially not after a 14-15 hour flight. It would take that long if you’re coming from US yes πŸ™‚

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