So I wanted to post something extremely happy today and what could possibly be happier than anything/everything to do with Disney?

Fun Fact #1 – Did you know that Walt Disney created Donald Duck because he wanted a more negative character than Mickey?

Fun Fact #2 – Did you also know that we would know our favourite mouse as Mortimer if Walt Disney’s wife hadn’t convinced him to change it to Mickey?


I could easily say that of all places I would deem the happiest places on earth, Disneyland would be up top. Along with untouched beaches where you can feel tiny grains of sand under your feet, being on top of a mountain where you feel like you are on top of the world etc. Disney radiates a feeling of happiness, no worries, fun, laughter, music and positive energy.

Make sure to check the maps for parade times. There is one at night too and the lights are mesmerising.

I’ve been searching everywhere but can’t seem to figure who the caterpillar is. Please let me know if you figure it out!

Below is Snow White and 2/7 Dwarfs leading the way – including my favourite, Dopey!

For those of you who may not know, Huey, Dewey and Louie come from the TV show DuckTales.

Fun Fact #3 – They are Donald Duck’s nephews, the sons of his twin sister Della or as her own sons call her, Dumbella.

Fun Fact #4 – The voice of Jasmine was recorded by 2 different people, one a voice actor and another a singer.

Fun Fact #5 – Did you know that title for the original novel was Alice’s Adventures Underground?

Fun Fact #6 – Did you know that as a way to tell them apart, Chip was given a black nose and Dale was given a red nose?

The main song that was playing over the parade kept repeating itself so by the end of it I learnt a new song, ‘Happiness Is Here’.

Overall, an incredible sight and pretty much my inner child’s dream come true. This would be the most popular event at the theme park so make sure you secure good seats or spots (if you stay standing) by the roadside/stage!




  1. Great post! The floats in the parade are significantly better than in Paris or Orlando even.

    The Caterpillar creature looks a lot like the Grasshopper from ‘The Grasshopper and The Ants’ silly symphony but if it is meant to be him, it’s not a brilliant representation!

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