So last year on my trip to Bali, I stayed at this hotel and received hundreds of dollars of telephone bill from calling Jetstar. Why? Because our luggage was delayed and we thought we’d never see it again. It was my one and only favourite Pierre Cardin luggage which has been with me through thick and thin and I refused to lose it. I kept calling the customer service at Jetstar who didn’t speak English and kept hanging up on us. We called everyday and never got a straight answer as to when why how.

Fortunately after one long day of water sports and beach time, we came back to the reception to see our luggage in the foyer! I almost burst out in happy tears. Unfortunately, it arrived after half our trip was over. Either way I was overjoyed to be reunited with my travel companion.

Yes I did try to claim insurance by sending them receipts of expenditure for our necessities and the invoice for the phone bill, completed the form and sent it by e-mail. Surprise surprise, we never heard back. And I just let it go as it just wasn’t worth the hassle. Just left me a bad impression of the airline.

Good news is, the hotel was great and relaxing through this ordeal! Its located right opposite Kuta beach, rooftop pool and bar, buffet breakfast every morning, $700-800 for 7 nights, close to Poppies lane, close to Beachwalk Shopping Mall, approx. 15 mins car ride to Ngurah Rai International Airport, clean and fresh room every time we came back, friendly  and helpful English speaking staff.

Nonetheless, there are both pros and cons living in this area.

PROS: you’re right next to the beach, you are in tourist central, many taxis available all the time, many stalls offering tour packages so compare, bargain and take your pick, restaurants close by, convenience stores close by, bars and nightlife close by, market/mall shopping close by

CONS: you are in tourist central prices are higher (transport/food), you may find yourself stuck in that area instead of exploring the outer parts because have everything available there and it’s not worth the traffic and time, more local tastes and cheaper prices Not in Kuta

I think a lot of it comes down to what you want to get out of Bali. The local experiences or a relaxing stress free trip.

In terms of the buffet breakfast, I enjoyed it very much. They provided a range of foods from local fried rice/noodles to croissants, salads to fried eggs, juices and coffees. More than enough for a morning feed.

So this is my first luggage delay experience, first Bali post and first Hotel/Airline review. Would book at Citadines again unless I want to be in another area.

I hope it helps anyone looking to head to Bali for a nice long or short vacay.



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