Nara Deer (Bambi) Park – Japan

Freely roaming, tame, elegant, cautious but friendly, approachable deers. What more could an animal lover ask for?

The Nara Deer Park or as I call it, Bambi Park, is home to over 1000 deers. The deers are extremely tame and calm in their own environment. A great way to interact (pet, take photos) and get up close and personal with them is to feed them some deer crackers. I was given a few by a stranger who was nice enough to spare them and ended up being swarmed by deers, which I have absolutely no problem with. They smell the crackers from a mile away.

But crackers are not the only way to get close to them if that is not an option, there are many deers just laying around on the grass that pretty much seem like they are hibernating. Those are easy to approach and most likely won’t up and run. Oh and the park is extremely beautiful too. It has a clear lake and many houses/huts that very well reflect the unique Japanese building structures.

Watch out for deer droppings too, they are everywhere! Absolutely loved this experience, definitely a not to miss attraction in Japan!


6 thoughts on “Nara Deer (Bambi) Park – Japan

  1. nara is one of my favorite places! the deer were so cute but once they saw the senbei in my hand they got super wild & scary on me lol i think in my case though i bought mine from a cart that was near a lot of deer & they all closed in on me 😛

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