A little overdue but I spent New Year’s Eve at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan and have many wonderful things to say about this place.

But first Happy New Year!! And a few tips for next time:

  • If you are after the fast pass, buy it before the actual day as it was sold out almost immediately. Mainly due to priority given to guests staying at certain hotels or Japanese locals who are able to order online in Japanese. We were told we needed to come back at 1am to queue up for fast passes for the next day if we wanted that option instead. In the end, fast pass wasn’t really necessary as I was able to go out every ride I wanted.
  • NYE day closing time is at 5pm so you lose 4 hours. But this may be a blessing in disguise as most people would choose not to pay the same amount for less time. That was probably why the queues seem to be much quicker than I expected.
  • Go to the electronic boards that tell you wait periods for rides when you are close to the end of the day (approx 1 hr before closing) so you do not show up at a ride entrance and get rejected. The boards also tell you which rides are no longer accepting people.
  • This may seem like common sense but mapping out your route based on rides you prioritise is actually very efficient. So check the map before you head there.

Just a few things I took away from the day that I want to remember and share.

And a couple photos from one of the happiest places on earth!



  1. Omg you’ve been here! I’m a big Harry Potter fan. Is the Harry Potter section very crowded? I’ve only been to Universal studios in Singapore and Gold Coast. Was it expensive to get in? -Sabrina

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    1. Yes I have! It is a whole other world and extremely crowded. Its almost hard to get a photo without getting photobombed. Its 7400Yen which is about 91 AUD to get into Universal Studios. Its about the same in Singapore yeah? I hope you get to visit, it was definitely one of the highlights 🙂

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